Sells well both in the domestic market and abroad factory wholesale price eot workshop overhead extra long service life


b'Founded in 2008, Tek Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a leading LED Light Manufacturer in China, specializes in research, development and manufacturing of Light Emitting Diode product. We provide retrofit LED flood light,LED street lights, LED warehouse lights, LED high bay lights, LED panel light, LED garden light, LED corn bulb, LED down lights and more.'

American Lorain CORP: Form 10-K - Filed by

b'Our products are sold in Chinese domestic markets as well as exported to foreign countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea and Europe. In 2013 and 2012, approximately 73.8 and 71.3%, respectively, of our sales were made domestically in China and approximately 26.2% and 28.7%, respectively, were to international customers, primarily Japan ...'

Form 20-F - SEC

b'Since 2002, the Argentine government has actively intervened in the domestic fuel market to ensure full supply and to limit increases in the price of gasoline and diesel oil at the retail level that would have resulted from: (i) higher costs due to increases in crude oil international prices (ii) the peso devaluation and (iii) domestic inflation.'

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b' is a platform for academics to share research papers.'

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b'One should turn towards spiritualism for a long, healthy and happy life, Yogendra said. The president of the International Board of yoga, Hansa Jayadeva said, \xe2\x80\x9cinstitute\xe2\x80\x99s\xe2\x80\x9d caring heart project\xe2\x80\x99, has made people \xe2\x80\x9cbetter human beings\xe2\x80\x94more caring, loving and relaxed with better will power to handle any stress\xe2\x80\x9d.'

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b'Selling expenses 23,000 58,000 Net profit (after tax) 85,000 87,000 Market price of Suzuki Ltd. Rs. 23 per share and Honda Rs. 28 per share. Dividend paid by Suzuki Ltd. 9.5% p.a. and Honda is 9.8% p.a.'

Assignment Solutions: February 2018

b'Feb 28, 2018 \xc2\xb7 All purchases and sales were made on credit. A Ltd. and B Ltd. have declared a dividend of Rs. 135 million and Rs. 95 million in respect of the year. The market prices of a share of A Ltd. and B Ltd. are Rs. 6.50 and Rs. 8.20 respectively. a. Both the companies have approached a particular bank for seeking long term loans.'

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b'Jan 29, 2020 \xc2\xb7 The COVID-19 virus, first discovered in China in early 2020, has been devastating to the seafood industry, but strategies discovered could prove useful for years to come'