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b'Double girder workshop crane; Double girder overhead crane is ideal for heavy duty applications, and it can handle over 450 tons. The trolley and hoist generally run on top of the bridge girders, thus the crane provides more lifting height.'


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b'A Complete Overhead Crane is a complete crane, containing trolley, cross girder, end trucks, electrification systems and all other parts needed in a crane. Before shipping, the crane is fully asembled and tested in our factory.'

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b'Feature: Bridge Crane, Applicable industries: Manufacturing Plant, Food & Beverage Factory, Construction works , Energy & Mining, After...'

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b'Electric 10 Ton Overhead Crane European double-girder overhead crane is a product developed by our factory combined with the characteristics of advanced cranes at home and abroad. It has the advantages of strong rigidity, light weight and outstanding structural design, which can effectively save your plant .'

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b'5 ton electric hoist is kind of light type lifting equipment. It can be used together with single girder overhead crane, double girder bridge crane, semi-gantry crane, and single or double girder gantry crane or curve track. It also can be used as winch with a little modified. 1 to 5 Ton Electric Chain Hoists, by CM, , ,'

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b'LH model electric hoist overhead crane is a handling appliance in workshop in line with GB3811-2008 and JB/T3695-2008 standard design. Lifting mechanism of the LH model electric hoist overhead crane is A2 stationary type electric hoist which includes CD1 \xe3\x80\x81 MD1 \xe3\x80\x81 WH164 and other types. It is widely used in'