Klifting conductor bar end clamp assembly for overhead crane

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b'Pnuematic Clamp End Effectors. This versatile clamping tool, shown with in-line slide handle, grips any load with flat sturdy sides, such as car batteries, blocks, or metal blanks. Speaking to their versatility check out this case study where a pnuematic clamp is used for box lifting.'

Magnetek Conductor Bar Systems Brochure

b'ELECTROBAR\xc2\xae 8-BAR CONDUCTOR BAR SYSTEMS The practical, proven and economical way to deliver electricity to overhead cranes, hoists, monorails and other types of moving equipment. Whether you need power for a simple top running application or a curved monorail, Magnetek\xe2\x80\x99s ELECTROBAR\xc2\xae 8-Bar Conductor Bar System is the solution.'

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b'DUCT-O-WIRE CENTER POWER FEED 110 AMP RATED FOR FE-908 - FE-1158-2CP. Price: $9.00. Viewing Page 1 of 2. Page: 1 2 > >>. Insul-8 Conductor Bar systems are galvanized steel conductor bars. The Conductix Wampfler conductor bar is sold with the options of 90 or 110 AMP systems.'

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b'1910.179 (a) Definitions applicable to this section. 1910.179 (a) (1) A crane is a machine for lifting and lowering a load and moving it horizontally, with the hoisting mechanism an integral part of the machine. Cranes whether fixed or mobile are driven manually or by power.'

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b'Conductor bar systems are used for the eleectrification of mobile equipment and are often used on overhead crane runways and bridges. Conductor bar is a safe, economical and low maintenance way to meet mobile electrification demands. ... End Clamp 5. Track Hanger Clamp Assembly 6. Intermediate Trolley 7. Cross Arm Support Channels'

Overhead Conductor Installation Guide

b'2 OVERHEAD CONDUCTOR HANDLING The emphasis in any bare conductor installation should be placed on avoiding damage to the conductor surface. The conductor should not be dragged across the bare ground, over rocks, fences or guard structures. Overhead conductor should never be rewound from the original shipping reel to another reel in the field.'

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b'Powerfeed Systems. Mains Powerfeed Systems for Overhead Cranes and Electric Hoists effeciently manage cables and transmit mains power to the hoist or crane. These are systems that transport power along the to the hoist and also provide cable management solutions to avoid any accidental bunching, snagging or breakage of the cables.'

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b'End cover \xe2\x80\x93 safety protection at the end of conductor system; Anchor clamp \xe2\x80\x93 supporting device for directing movement of conductors during thermal expansion and contraction; Advantages: Conductor bar systems for overhead cranes can be used on both indoor and outdoor cranes and are most typically installed on the crane\xe2\x80\x99s runway systems or ...'