Enclosed 25A&40A Multipole overhead crane current collector

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b'Mar 06, 2017 \xc2\xb7 Distribution of power and smooth flow within circuits is easier with multipole conductor rail at Alibaba.com. These multipole conductor rail are crucial for commercial power distribution.'

Multipole Conductor Rail System With Self - crane component

b'Top Quality Factory Price Multipole Conductor Rail, NANTE HFP56 series is similar with VAHLE KSL Enclosed Conductor System . The powerail type HFP56 are totally enclosed touch-proff conductor'

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b'For a single crane: Size the conductor bar to handle 100% of the current draw of the largest motor or group of motors, plus 50% of the combined current draw of the other motors on the vehicle. For multiple'

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b'Indoor/Outdoor festoon in flat cable or round cable and air hoses. Sizes in 4, 8, 12, 16 or 24 conductor from 000 AWG to 16 AWG. Conductors are annealed copper, each conductor has color coded jacket, , , , . -40\xc2\xb0 (-40\xc2\xb0 ) 105\xc2\xb0 (221\xc2\xb0 ). 12 14 ...'

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b'Current Collectors. 25A current collector is used for conductor bar 50A. 40A current collector is used for conductor bar 65A-120A. Application . The ranges of applications of HFP Power Rail Enclosed Conductor System. 1. Overhead and elongated tracks for cranes. 2. Electric hoists, electric tools, stacking systems. 3. . 4.'

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b'Crane Conductor Bar. Aluminum Distribution Insulated Ground Bar 4m 6m Standard Length 660V. Aluminium Copper Crane Conductor Bar Large Power Available Easy Installation. Current Collector Crane'

Dearborn Overhead Crane Glossary A Through E

b'Conductors, enclosed. Bridge Crane Electrical. A bar used to transmit an electrical current, enclosed in a non-conducting material to minimize accidental contact with the conductor. (ANSI MH 27.1-1981) , .'

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b'Bus bar and current collector To assist the power supply of the crane. There are three forms of busbar: single pole buabar, multipole busbar, jointless busbar .The single pole buabar is available in aluminum .'